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The Secret to flawless skin starts from the inside out

At Dr. FRANZ, we are committed to our promise to deliver flawless skin through scientific innovation. With more than 30 years of experience in the skincare industry, and a lifetime commitment to centuries old approaches to natural healing through high quality ingredients and tried and true methods, we pride ourselves on delivering results, especially when it comes to ensuring that you achieve all of your skincare goals.

Our journey began with a fervent quest to answer a single question; “Is there a way to fundamentally improve your skin without the cost, pain and hassle of clinical procedures?”

The answer is, “Yes!"

After years of research and working extensively with doctors and scientists across multiple fields including Life Science, Chemistry, and Biomedical Engineering, we developed our revolutionary Tissue X® Technology. This unique transdermal delivery process have been called “ a game changer” in the world of skincare, and has opened up new horizons when it comes to addressing and solving various skin concerns and needs, all from the comfort of your own home. Used in conjunction with our expertly crafted skincare formulations, we guarantee that our nourishing and reparative ingredients are reaching the the inner most layers of your skin. Whether you are looking for an effective anti-aging regimen, or trying to treat very specific issues - Franz is here to help, from the inside out.

built from a multi-disciplinary collaboration with scientists

Founded in 2013, BioSensor Laboratories(BSL) is a pioneered biotechnology corporation that manufactures skincare products with its patented non-invasive transdermal drug delivery system(TDDS).

Through multi-disciplinary collaboration with scientists at Seoul National University and The Samsung Hospital, and an initial investment of $10 million in R&D, BSL invented the revolutionary TDDS trademarked as Tissue X®.

Tissue X enables active ingredients to easily penetrate the outer skin barrier and get delivered to the deepest layer of skin without an additional tool such as needles or any other devices. Yet, the clinical-results are proven to be superior than most conventional procedures done by physicians or practitioners.

Rooted in Science. Developed in Korea.

Incubated in Seoul National University Engineering Dept.

Technology Developed via Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration

Proven by Publication in Renown International Journals

Drug Delivery, 2017, 24, 701
Drug Delivery, 2017, 24, 1204
ACS Nano, 2020,14 (4), 4523
10-1772140, 10-1855500 10-1881503, 10-2022587

How we are different 


Formula specialized for better skin absorption

The special formula of Franz Skincare containing selected ingredients such as lower molecular hyaluronic acid and ceramide NP enhance the efficacy of microcurrent mask.

Microcurrent and Skincare

Microcurrent can control ion channels within skin cells, thus allowing for the passage of key ingredients and enhancing skin absorption rate in result.

Franz’s award-winning microcurrent facial treatment is delivered in a dual-layered mask (set of 2 treatments).

The first of its kind, our dual mask system is powered by water energy—not batteries—to create tiny waves across skin, letting the mask’s essences go 6x deeper than the regular face masks for max results.